Kelly Daniels 丹尼尔斯 凯利 – Photographer 摄影师

From experimenting with 35mm film, photograms, and original photo manipulation methods to shooting on DSLR cameras with the latest photographic equipment, I like to try a bit of everything. My background in photography covers a broad spectrum but my education has always taken an artistic approach. Learning technical skills very early on allowed me to focus on my creative thinking and artistic direction at university, giving my work depth and a purpose.

Born in Nottingham, a city full of inspiration, is where my love for photography began. Starting out, my main focus of work was in fact videography and its post-production before moving onto portraiture of both people and animals, usually within a studio environment. As my creative mind developed and opened up to new forms of unusual and diverse art, I began to really see the world around me. I discovered how art can be used as a language in itself or a form of communication / understanding. My thoughts would race with excitement after this new realisation of how the world around me can be perceived, depicted and questioned. Endless ideas and a new appreciation for the art available to me kick-started my learning and direction. By my second year in college I was starting to ask bigger questions and develop stronger concepts into my work. By the time I was in university I was beginning to feel comfortable with my artistic style and ready to really mature the overall quality of the work as a whole.

Since graduating in BA (Hons) Contemporary Lens Media (Photography and Video) at The University of Lincoln in 2015, I have invested much of my time in new experiences; travel has become a means to direct my work with a deeper understanding of our planet and the people that live among us. Doors have been opened to new connections, and refining the contents or inclusion of an image.

Currently revisiting some old processes I have touched on I aim to develop my skills within conceptual and experimental art and build upon my street and documentary work. My goal is to push boundaries and advance my storytelling abilities, sharing ideas with an insight to the lives of others.